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While taking photos in El Cap meadow today we heard the cry of a climber on The Nose taking a fall and getting badly hurt. Within minutes an emergency call was out and the Yosemite Search and Rescue team activated. Over the next few hours we watched YOSAR work the scene, culminating with a dramatic helicopter rescue of the injured climber. The climber had sustained a broken femur and was traction-splinted on the rock face prior to being short-hauled off the cliff. The climber had lost control seconding the pendulum off Sickle Ledge moving up to Dolt Tower, and slammed into the corner. The helicopter flew in close proximity to the wall initially to read the situation. It returned to short-haul a ranger to the victim to deliver treatment and stabilise the situation. A second ranger was flown in with the stretcher necessary to extract the climber.
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